Online wine shopping offers a wide range of benefits. It allows you to browse a vast selection of wines and compare prices easily.

It’s also convenient if you live in a state that allows wine shipments from out-of-state retailers. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for wine online.


Online wine retailers tend to have lower overhead costs than brick-and-mortar wine stores, resulting in competitive pricing. You can also easily compare prices among different retailers, and many websites offer special deals and bundles that can make your wine purchases even more affordable. If you know what wines you want, you can even wait to purchase them at discounted rates on certain days (like Black Friday or Tuesday).

If you’re a wine collector or just starting your collection, you may find it helpful to use an app like The Oracle, which lets you shop a wide variety of wine retailers and clubs all at once, with no need to visit each website individually. You’ll also find that some wine shops deliver directly to your door or to a designated pickup location, either through FedEx, UPS, regional delivery companies, or their own network of local locations.

If you’re an avid wine drinker, you can sign up for a membership with a winery to enjoy discounts on their wines. This is a great way to keep your supply of your favorite wine fresh and get introduced to new varieties that you may not have tried before. However, be aware that laws governing direct-to-consumer shipping of wine vary from state to state, and some states do not allow for this type of purchasing.

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For many consumers, online wine shopping is a convenient and trouble-free alternative to visiting brick and mortar stores. They can browse a wide range of wines at their own leisure, quickly find a bottle they’re looking for and have it delivered to their home. For those who are especially concerned about price, it is easy to compare prices on offer from competing retailers and make the best decision for their budget.

A good online retailer will have a wide variety of wines to choose from, including their flagship labels. They’ll also provide a wealth of information on the wines they sell, which can be particularly useful for buyers who are interested in learning more about wine and developing their wine knowledge. This can include technical sheets on particular wines, tasting notes and ratings from reputable wine publications, as well as educational content and videos.

Consumers who are eager to learn more about wine may appreciate the opportunity to create a free account with an online retailer and receive regular emails with tips, recommendations and other relevant news. They can also sign up to their general loyalty program, which can often lead to a discount on their next purchase. This can be a great way to build relationships with potential customers and keep them coming back for more.



When you buy wine online, you can shop for a wide variety of wines that are not available in brick and mortar stores. You can buy red wine online too and also find sweet deals that can save you 10, 20, or even 30% and more on your purchase. The first step to finding these great deals is to find a reputable online wine store or winery that sells and ships to your state (click here for a list of state wine shipping regulations).

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After you’ve found an excellent online wine seller, take a few minutes to browse their selection. Good online retailers will provide lots of information about their wines including technical sheets for each wine that describe the winemaking and region; staff tasting notes; ratings from reputable wine publications; and educational content like winery tours or recipes.

You should also look for online wine stores that offer a range of delivery options. These include FedEx, UPS, and regional delivery companies that can drop your shipment off at your home, work, a local winery, or a distribution partner like Duane Reade or Walgreens.

Finally, when you’re ready to purchase a bottle of wine online, search by price or grape varietal to narrow down your options and find the best possible deal. If you’re shopping for a specific wine, such as California chardonnay or French Champagne, use a specialized online retailer that specializes in these styles.


The reputation of wine shops online is a huge factor in whether or not you are happy with your purchase. Many online retailers have a good reputation for excellent customer service and competitive pricing, making them a desirable option to shoppers. In addition, you can easily compare prices between competitors on a large selection of wines online, something that isn’t always easy to do in person.

Online retailers have lower overhead costs, allowing them to offer more competitive pricing than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. In addition, many of them offer delivery options that allow you to have your wine delivered directly to your door, which can be a big convenience when you are hosting an event or just want a bottle for a relaxing night at home.

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Finally, many wineries have their own online stores where you can order direct from them, which can be a great option if you love a particular brand. However, beware that laws governing direct-to-consumer shipping vary widely from state to state, so make sure that the winery you’re considering allows shipping in your area before you start browsing.

Lastly, when shopping for wine online, it’s a good idea to choose a site that has been featured in Newsweek’s Best of the Web. The publication does a thorough job of vetting virtual wine sellers, which means that you can feel confident in choosing a quality store.